About Us

CBH Education specialises in Biology, Chemistry and Healthcare courses. Before you commence any programme with us our study co-coordinator will go through your learning requirements and create a bespoke programme tailored to your needs.


The Chemistry and Biology programmes cover all exam boards. We cater for GCSE,I-GCSE, A-Level and IB-Levels and these courses are delivered online. These courses are taught by teachers and tutors with extensive experience.


The Introduction to Biology and Chemistry course aims to prepare students for university or higher education. This course is designed for undergraduates undertaking Healthcare courses and Biological sciences. All aspects of this have been reviewed by staff who contribute to undergraduate programmes. These courses are available online and as a residential which are run throughout the year.


Our Healthcare Programmes cover various topic areas including Pre-undergraduate courses, pre-medical course, and much more. The Healthcare Programmes are delivered by registered professionals who have extensive experience in their field of practice.

Our Advancing Healthcare Programme is a bespoke programme for schools to provide students with an overview of the careers on offer in Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy.

CBH Education aims to recruit the best staff and through our recruitment process. All our courses are written and reviewed by professionals, who are experts in their vocations.

As a company we endeavour to support students whatever there learning requirements. This is why every month we run free support clinics for Biology and Chemistry, which covers topic assistance, exam questions or support with the syllabus. Our face to face clinics are delivered in London once a month on a weekend. We run our online clinics twice a month which are run through platforms such as zoom and Skype to accommodate your requirements.

We deliver lessons through skype currently our new bespoke learning platform is under development which will be added to the website soon. Our flexible scheduling means that we can teach in various time-zones across the globe.

Our Healthcare courses can be delivered residentially as group bookings. Please contact us for further information.

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