Healthcare Programmes

Healthcare Programmes


General Healthcare Tuition

The pre- undergraduate science course includes:

  • Foundation of general science including core aspects of biology and chemistry
  • Overview of numeracy in science
  • General essay structure
  • Literature searches for science publications.
  • Laboratory Techniques
  • Guidance to University life in the UK

The premedical course includes:

  • Anatomy
  • Introduction to life sciences
  • The UK Healthcare System structure and changes being implemented in the NHS.
  • Clinical Guidance – NICE
  • Introduction to patient centred care.
  • Format of Objective Subjective Clinical Examination (OSCE’S)
  • Working shadowing opportunities

The Healthcare Professional Course:

  • Introduction to working practices in the United Kingdom.
  • Introduction to the National Health Service
  • Delivering patient centred care
  • Clinical Governance Frameworks
  • Standard Operating Procedures Used in clinical practice.
  • Regulation of Healthcare Products in the United Kingdom.
  • Aspects of Good Clinical Practice
  • Introduction to regulatory guidance from Healthcare Regulators.
  • Prescribing Guidance in the United Kingdom.
  • Clinical Case studies
  • Safeguarding
  • Work Shadowing opportunities



The Enhanced Regulation Course

  • ABPI Regulation
  • Clinical Trial Regulation
  • Good Practice guidance encompassing distribution, manufacturing, clinical and laboratory practice.
  • The role of the MHRA
  • Regulation of Medicinal Products in the United Kingdom.
  • Regulation of stem cells in the United Kingdom.


Pursing Healthcare Careers (for Schools and Higher Education Establishments)

  • Understanding the requirements for Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing.
  • Understanding the admission requirements.
  • Utilising your work experience.
  • The evolving structure of the NHS.
  • The regulation of a Healthcare Professional
  • Qualities to make a good practitioner


The Healthcare courses can be delivered at your institution.  Contact us for further details and pricing structure.