Our TEFL course is designed for those individuals seeking to learn English and improve their use of language. Our courses are taught by professionals who have degree qualifications and have experience is teaching English at different levels of proficiency. Some examples of courses that we do are stated below.
TEFL Course type £20 per hour

Introduction to basic English

  • Understanding commands in the English Language
  • Focus on pronunciation
  • Outline of various topics
  • Communication – role plays and practice
  • Grammar
  • Discussing about yourself

Introduction for Higher Education

  • Intensive focus on essential skills development
  • Reading for note-taking, writing and discussion
  • Listening and note-taking for lectures
  • Speaking and listening for seminars and discussions
  • Academic writing for assignments and dissertations
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Development of study skills
  • Organising your time
  • Searching for information Regular one-to-one tutorials
  • Understanding aspects of English Culture